Offset Function Bug


I am currently using version 0.9.19. I noticed that up until 2 or 3 versions ago, when you typed in an offset value in the offset distance entry box it would create the offset right away without having to click the OK button on the offset panel. This doesn’t work anymore in the last two or three versions. However, creating an offset using the up/down arrows, next to the entry box, is still consistent across all versions; i.e., it creates the offset right away on the work space without having to click the OK button.

Please make the manual entry of the offset distance work the same way as it is very convenient to see the offset right away and change it by typing a different value without having to exit the offset panel.


You don’t have to exit the panel, you just have to ‘commit’ the number by pressing tab or clicking out of the edit box. The change was to allow equations in the offset distance field. I’m playing with it now to see if I can make it “instant evaluate” like it used to without messing anything else up.

Edit: This is working and will be in the next release.

Thank you so much Oz! I really appreciate your quick reply. Will look forward to the fix in the next version.

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