Offset in the image after restarting the (incomplete) job

Hi together,

I recently got an Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. Today I wanted to cut out a school bus, I found the file online for free. On the first pass a piece of the “o” was missing the laser just didn’t go off. Since the side pieces seem to be simply mirrored, the piece is missing on both pieces. The job ran completely through, no interruption, finished, the laser moved back to the home position - all good.
So I figured I’d try to be smart :nerd_face:, just delete all the surrounding parts from the work area, leaving only the "o "s, and have them lasered again in a second run afterwards.
I didn’t touch the material, didn’t bump into the table or anything like that. So I can rule out any accidental slipping.
Nevertheless, the laser cut the "O "s slightly offset from the original position in the second run. I marked it red on the picture both times.

How can this be? Actually, the LM2P works with absolute coordinates, so it should be able to move to the exact same position. Oder?
The final result is no drama, I just do it again. But I really don’t understand why there is this offset… Can someone explain this to me? Please? :sweat_smile:

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