Offset is Making wavy lines

Hi, Need some help.

When i do offset

on my program, the offset is a wavy line not straight line. was working previously but seem to have come across this issue and unsure how to address it. any help would be greatly appreciated.

i have attached a photo for referance.

How was the inner circle generated?

Have you set it to max?

What happens when you hit ‘Ok’ and let it finish?

As long as you haven’t ‘committed’ it yet, it’s in preview mode, showing you a coarser approximation of the final result that is faster to compute.

The shape on the left is the end result. The one on the right is what you see before clicking Ok:

I would also recommend you enable ‘Optimize / Simplify results’, as that will recover arcs. Left is unsimplified, right is simplified:

it was created on the program. using the circle tool.

It is set to perfect.

Optimize/simplify has seem to fixed the issue. i really appreciate your help

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It would likely be better even just when you clicked ‘Ok’ - as long as the Offset window is still open, it’s showing a low-quality preview of what the end result will be.

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