Offset only affecting outer shape?

I’m trying to thicken the lines of this US map but, when I select the offset function, only the outer shape is being offset. Am I missing something?

US Map.lbrn2 (105.4 KB)

The inner lines representing the state boundaries are all individual line segments rather than each state being a single closed shape.

Inset/outset will only work on closed shapes.

That is patently untrue. I can select each individual line and do an offset on it just fine.
I can even select multiple lines and do an offset to them all.

You’re right about the line. Let me restate then as my statement was too broad and I may have misunderstood what you were trying to do.

The outset won’t work on a collection of non-closed shapes to retain the original “shape”. Inset wouldn’t apply to line segments.

I don’t know if the specific behavior in this case is expected or not but I suspect LB is not individually expanding each internal line is because the internal shapes would potentially interfere with the outer shape.

If your goal is only to thicken every individual line then you can achieve this by first selecting all the internal lines and applying the outset. Then doing the same with the outer line.

I got it done by doing the outline first, which for some reason didn’t group the two new lines. I grouped them. Then I selected all the internal lines and offset (both directions). This created a single shape of all the offset lines welded together. I then selected this new inner shape and the outer shape a clicked “Union” and it worked. Just seems like a lot of extra steps…

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