Offset only selected segments

Is there a way to offset only selected line segments?
I am modifying a design originally for 1.5mm plywood to match a 4mm plywood. there are many slots which i want to offset and would like to avoid too much work deleting nodes/segments/shapes which are not needed.

the attached screenshot is showing one slot out of many. i can offset the entire shape and keep only the wider slot part but wish to window-select only the slot or parallel lines and offset those outwards.


If you don’t use scaling, you can use shape subtraction

You can ‘Break Apart’ the shape, allowing you to change the width of the “gap”. I duplicated the slot to make it easy to see original and new wider in this image. Could this work for your needs?

Note the ‘resize from’ location, identified with red rectangle.

Yes, I often do, but if the item itself does not need to be scaled and only the thickness of the material needs to be changed, it is pure needlework. I make a square with the “right” measurements and center it on the back line. Then I move it with the keyboard backwards out, control + arrow, which I have set to exactly the distance that is missing. Finally, the nodes need to be moved and some need to be deleted.
What Rick shows is also fine but only works if it stands straight or at 90 degrees, as soon as there is an angle then it is needlework

Hi, I do scale. I would scale it all so the slots are perfect 4mm (260%) but then parts wont fit my laser bed size so i am at 230% and need to tweak these slots a bit.

Thanks Rick, I will try that later today. all offered solutions are debatable whether they do shorten the work-time or just a different way of needlework.

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I agree. I believe having a way to select only segments between nodes seems to be a nice future feature which can save a lot of time, i think…

Finally got the time to work on this project.
I broke the section needs editing and used a rectangle as a template for the desired 4mm slot size. it take less than a minute to edit one slot but since I have so many of these I’ve labeled this work as no-fun-at-all. it would have been much easier to be able to:

  1. break the part
  2. select segments between nodes
  3. offset to (not by…) _____mm
  4. done.

Thanks guys for your mental help
I will now double up my daily dose of Ritalin and get back to work.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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