Offset problem?


I am still doing tests with my Ortur Master 2 (20w)

I noticed there is some kind of offset, please see the image below.
The text is “KTEST” using Segoe UI Light font, on lightburn.
700/23 Fill Line

Is there some kind of calibration I can do to make the text more sharp?

Thank you

That looks quite out of focus, for a start, and you likely have a loose belt causing the offset.

The software is engraving in both directions. If you have a loose belt, the direction change won’t start moving the laser head until that belt slack is taken up, causing the offset in the engraving. Check that your belts are snug (not too snug) and that all the motor pinion set screws are tight, so the pulleys aren’t slipping.

Thanks for your reply.
Let me try and will update later

Managed to solve this problem after searching the net.
Will provide my solution, in case other people have the same problem as me.

So what I did was unscrew the 4 screws at the back of the laser and make them not so tight. If you tilt the whole frame 45 degrees on the side, the laser should move by gravity, this is normal. Mine didn’t move before, as my screws were too tight.

I tested it out and now the laser is aligned.

The 4 screws circled in blue

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