Offset Shape Issue

I’m doing a bunch of shape offsets here, and I noticed some discrepancies. It appears to go a bit haywire when offsetting a bunch of stuff at once, which also includes some very small shapes.

Here you can see the little black engraved part that’s getting offset is causing the offset function to freak out a bit.

There are some other places where it does it, but not as badly as that.

I’ll upload the file if it lets me. roak_offset_issue.lbrn (1.0 MB)

On a semi-related note, is there any plan for a function to remove shapes less than a certain diameter or distance on an axis or something?

EDIT: LB 0.9.07

Oddly enough, I don’t see an issue with this. Can you post the settings you used for the offset tool? I have been doing work in a number of the under-the-hood tools used for path ordering and optimization, so it’s feasible that I’ve fixed whatever this was, but I’d like to verify. I’ve added you to the beta group - I should have a new build posted before too long (possibly next week, as I’m out of town this weekend, but I’ll try before then).


That’s .125 inches btw. As a side note, it’s not immediately obvious which mode you’re in, in regards to other input boxes such as this one. I don’t even know if that needs to be addressed, but it tripped me up a couple times. Maybe I’m just slow. :confused:

I’ve posted a new beta build - Can you check it and see if this issue is still happening for you with that build?

That specific spot got a little better with the beta, but there are other spots that turned out worse, or at the very least the same.

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