Offset Vector Issues

I am having issues with vectors in large cuts getting offset. The preview looks perfect and if I cut just one it looks good.

The first one looks good but from there some get offset

Interesting, it looks like none of those are actually correct, there is offset in the text in almost all of them too?

It seems like a mechanical issue that is maybe exacerbated by the operation order, doing some of the text, then moving somewhere else for another part and then coming back to do the rest of the text.

Have you tried doing one set at a time, selecting just one entire copy and using the “Cut selected graphics” option?

If one works fine, then select another full copy and try it, does the positioning error happen then?

The reason I am thinking it might be mechanical is that with that large of a job, depending on how you have your order of operations defined, the cut planner may be jumping all over the place doing parts of some sets and then parts of other sets and possibly loosing steps during the rapids.

Just some ideas, curious what the solution is.

I agree with Gordon - it looks like the machine skipped while cutting or moving between cuts. How fast are you running the lines?

I would agree with you except that the machine always returns to home to correct location. Once I group all of them the issue goes away. If it were mechanical wouldn’t it happen every time? I am trying not to group them as the cut time is much faster when not grouped.

My speeds are as follows
Fills: 400 mm/sec
Lines: 50 mm/sec

I have tried lowering these and the issue still occurs.

Grouping should have no effect at all on your cut time, unless your optimization options are set to pay attention to grouping. Try using ‘Send’ instead of ‘Start’ when sending the job to the controller - does that work better? How are you connected to the machine? USB, Ethernet, or WIFI?

I have been using Send, the machine is in the other room and that way I can start it when I am next to it. I connect to it over Ethernet hard wired from my desktop. I have tested from my laptop connected via USB and get the same results with Start or Send.

The best thing I can suggest is to email the file to support@lightburnsoftware with a link to this thread so I can have a look.

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