Offsetting chage

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this… it used to be that when you wanted to offset something, as you were typing in the dimensions of the offset that you wanted, the change would show up as you were typing. I think it was as of release 9.18 that now the changes don’t reflect as you’re typing the dimensions anymore, rather, after you get done typing your desired offset dimensions you have to click one of the other buttons that are available, such as the button to select the new offset, or the button to delete the old line that you are off setting before the changes are visible. I liked it better the old way. Can this be put back the way it was?

The new way allows the use of equations, but since you could be in the middle of typing something that can’t be evaluated properly, we wait until the control loses focus. You can press the tab key on the keyboard to move to the next control, or press the up or down arrows, pgup/pgdn, or use the mouse wheel.

Allowing it to work with equations was itself a user requested feature. I could potentially make it evaluate as you type and see if it can work, and if so, update the output. I’ll see how that feels.

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘equations’. Can you elaborate on this?

You can enter any of the following into the offset amount box:

  • 5mm
  • 1/4in
  • 1/4"
  • 2+2
  • 3/5

And all of them will work properly.

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