OLAF 140. Grbl 1.1 . Messasgw check limits

Hello everyone. Newbie here having problems anyone can help?

Hi, checked all connections are secure? they quite often slip loose especially the one to the left of the gantry(ended up using a cable tie to keep mine in)
The more info you give makes it easier for people to give you a fix.
What were you doing when it occurred? etc, etc

Yes, I’ve been reading past comments on it and tried cables checked everything looks fine. Let me see if I can post video…

What is happening when you turn the laser on?
Where does it try to home to?
Does it home correctly?

It comes from right hand corner to left and when it hits the switch at the front jerks a bit. I can’t load a video otherwise I’ll send it.

Do you have the correct ‘origin’ selected in ‘device settings’ top of page(cog and screwdriver) normally bottom left of the 4 circles.

Are you able to use it at all?

In ‘device settings’ you should have ‘width 400’ and ‘height 430’.
Make sure you have 'auto-home on startup selected (green).

Yes. It goes from right to left, but then gives me error code

I will check if I have Origin set correctly.
Thank you Kris1

I can move it for sure.