Old person problems

LM2 20w, with windows 10. When i use any letter or number and use the line to burn, it will burn ok. When i use the fill in with any number or letter or graphic picture all it will do is burn a solid line on the y axis. I think i hit the wrong button somewhere. I have been using lightburn for 2 months now, this just started about 3 days ago. Thanks for any help.

A picture of the defect would help. Is “preview” different than what is output? Also type $$ in the console window and copy the output here.

Check to make sure the “interval” setting for the Fill layer is not too small - Normal values are anywhere from 0.2 to 0.05 (that’s about 127 DPI up to about 500 DPI).

If you accidentally set it to something really small, like 0.01, it would appear to sit in one line for a very long time.