Old problem, back again in version 1.0.06

The issue I had with a former version, but solved with a beta version you send me in 2020 (I Think)
is back again with the latests versions. Please see your answer in the screenshot above.

It has worked a while with a few updates, but since the last 2 or so, the problem is back again.
The files I need to cut often where already adapted by me to make shure the inner lines are in a
different layer, but I have more then 500 files and even more then 1000 designed parts that will
need to be adapted. Can you please help or advise?

Thank you !

Paul Colson
Laserlabo.be - C-traccs.be

I think I have this fixed for the next release.

Oh, very nice. Thank you very much !! I really like this software, so much better then lasercut and others.

Have a nice day !

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