Old Topic - Cleaning mirrors

Omtech 60W CO2 with Ruida 6442B/C
I know this has been discussed adnausium (spelling).
I am losing power on my laser. Haven’t cleaned mirrors. Bought almost two months ago but not used heavily as in eight hour days six or seven days per week.
I suspect the mirrors need cleaning. Would someone point me to the best method?
Don’t want a fancy method just tell me how to do it or give the link to the directions.
My very old hands and fingers aren’t as steady as they used to be but I have no doubt I can do the job.

Also: The nozzle of my laser head collects some char on the end of it, expected. When I adjust the height I usually allow the plastic guide I use to scrape char off. Do I dare use anything to probe the bottom of nozzle to clean any little bits of char that may be in the end of nozzle? Don’t with to screw up the focus lens.

My laser has the little diaphragm air pump which seems to do a good job when I am not burning something deep into substrate. I get more smoke in the cabinet than I would like. I have the built in 6" exhaust fan, an inline 6" exhaust fan, and a 16" exhaust fan in a cube where all are exhausted to the outside of the building. The smoke clears out in a minute or two and quicker when I open the cover. I do clean the plastic cover on the machine most every day. Should I just connect my large wood shop air compressor to the line going to the head and adjust the airflow, I have separators and air controls on everything. I could easily adjust pressure to laser.

I use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean my mirrors applied with Uvex cleaning tissues. Make sure you where ‘medical’ gloves because the lens should not be in contact with the oils on your skin.

Removing the char - use Acetone it is very effective and applied with a cotton bud is best.

Regarding your air issue, I am not sure. But for me I got rid of my supplied diaphragm air pump and replaced it with a near silent compressor unit. I also upgraded the noisy Chinese extractor for a much quieter inline extraction system and increased the diameter to 8". This has made any smoke I did have disappeared. I also have an inline four stage filtration system. Be careful connecting your shop extract because some of your ‘laser fumes’ could be hot and sticky depending on what you are laser cutting.

Clean oil free hands or gloves, and IPA if they are glass mirrors. Same for the lens. If they are Mo mirrors you can use any decent cleaner, but IPA is usually enough. Nozzle tip - I use Zep Purple degreaser to clean the resins from my bed, rails, and nozzle tip. 1:5 Zep to water, and each batch is good for 4 - 6 cleaning depending on how bad you let them get between cleanings. Give them a quick rinse, let them dry, and reinstall.

WARNING: If you have cats, be prepared to drive them crazy. The honeycomb turns into a million little bubbles machine if it catchers a breeze before it’s rinsed down.

Just thought I would let folks know, I done the cleaning of all mirrors and the focus lens plus the nozzle on the end.
My laser thinks it is new!
Definitely going to need to attach air assist from my shop air compressor. I cut some parts from 1/4" Baltic Birch, didn’t clear the path well at all using the built-in air pump.

Thanks for all the help.

I tried that and it left a sticky residue on my mirrors. What am I doing wrong?

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OHHHH Boy, that IPA is for after the other IPA… LOL

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G & F has good fit and durable. Wear these roofing and they hold up well. They still have some dexterity to perform semi precise tasks. The cotton material is also thick. Great price. I’m very satisfied with these gloves.