Old Universal laser, some guidance please

Hi All,

Many years back, I bought an old ex-production version of a Universal laser with a Synrad 25-Watt. It was on an assembly line so it is is just a bare specially built frame.

I built a safe enclosure for it and it It has been running fine for the hobby stuff I mess with but, I want to replace the controller and software. I have looked at current software offerings (LaserWeb etc) and for 40-bucks, LB is a steal, so would like to go with it.

I am pretty sure I can run it from an Arduino or similar as the Synrad has it’s own built in controller and and only needs a PWM signal to control it. From the manual,
ontrol (CTRL) Input
Logic Low (Off State) … 0.0 V to +0.5 VDC; 0.0 V nominal
Logic High (On State)… +3.5 V to +10.0 VDC; +5.0 V nominal
Maximum Current Load… 6 mA @ +5.0 VDC
Tickle Pulse Signal
Tickle Frequency 5 … 5 kHz
Pulse Length… 1.0 μs ± 0.2 μs
Pulse Rise/Fall Time… < 100 ns between +0.5 V to +3.5 VDC
PWM Command Input Signal
PWM Frequency 6 … DC to 20 kHz
PWM Duty Cycle … 0% to 100%

I have an MKS SBase board from a 3D printer and have installed grbl-LPC but unsure where to go from there. Where/how do I connect the Synrad PWM to the MKS etc?

Thanks for any help.

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Check out this thread on the rebirth of a FSL laser.

Thanks, but I don’t see how that helps me. The mechanical parts of this one are fine. It is the electronics I need to replace. It currently uses windows 3.11 (yes, it IS that old) and Corel-v5 via the parallel printer port. The onboard electronics are getting old an flakey.

With the plethora of laser stuff now available, RAMPS, MKS et al, I’d like to simplify my life as the old PC running win-3.11 just crashed and one of the Floppy disks that win-3.11 is on is no longer readable.

So, back to the original question, how do I hook the MKS board running grbl-LPC to the laser?

AFAIK, none of the open source control boards/firmware support tickle signaling. The laser power supply may handle that for you. If it does, new control electronics are possible.

If you want help wiring a new control board, you have to help us. Pictures of the existing control electronics are required. What is your experience/comfort level with rewiring industrial equipment? We can’t do it for you through the internet. You are going to have to do the heavy lifting.

I am willing to answer specific questions but I can not provide you with a step-by-step tutorial for a machine I’ve never seen or worked on.

Have you contacted Universal Laser for information? They may be willing to provide a wiring diagram.

I have some ideas about how to do tickle to keep the tube energized and warmed. Someone else asked on the Cohesion3D forums about converting an old ULS that had stepper motors. Advice was provided there.

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