Older Trocen controller is sporadic when accepting commands. Is it going bad or is this software related?

So lightburn says it is successfully connecting to the controller, has no problem doing jog movements from lightburn, but is struggling with framing and sending the actual file to cut.

When framing it will often move the head half way around, or 25% of the way around.
When sending a file to cut it will almost always freeze the software (I can unplug the usb to the controller and it will unfreeze).

Sometimes the file will successfully start (1-20 attempts?) and have no problems.

I have tried:
Resetting the laser
Resetting the software
Resetting the computer
Checking the driver

I believe the controller is the Trocen AWC608 if I remember correctly (had to disassemble the controller to the circuit board to find it).

Any help would be great! thanks!

Well, this is embarrassing. I swapped the usb I was using to my second machine I don’t use often, no problems… plugged back into the machine with the problems, no more problems…

The issue? Ran the long (20ft) usb cable right next to a power supply/ac power line, but had to reroute the cable to reach the second machine. I assume it jumbled data being near the ac line.

I haven’t put it next to it again to verify but probably will later to make sure.

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