Omg galvo jig what a PITA

I thought making a Jig for dog tags on my fiber would be easy… and I was quite proud of myself cutting the base board and shapes into the 2nd piece of wood. But am I right in thinking each shape will have to lined up separately? I thought if I lined up the bottom right and top left the rest would align. No such luck and my head hurts lol. I really want each engraving to be totally precise if needed. Yes most designs I can get away with things being less precise but if I want to do a round edge around a 25mm dog tag it needs to be absolutely precise or it will look messy. …

Btw I have watched a few videos on this and it seems easy … :joy:

You have the cut file that you used to cut the jig, which already has the outlines of everything in the locations they were at when you cut the jig. This is what you use for your template to create your design location for the fiber. Import that file, and place your designs in the appropriate locations based upon that file.

I’m not sure what you mean but I know this does not line up lol

I think that making the jig on one laser then cutting on another bed type will have issues.
I have no experience with galvo but there must be the possibility to calibrate the galvo to be remove parallax error or whatever its called shooting many targets from 1 point.

Just a quick example. When I create a jig, I will create all of my product spaces through an array, then group them together. Draw an outside boundary for the jig. Center the product spaces in the outside square. I then cut the spaces for the product on my co2 laser, as well as the outside boundary box. This way I know that everything is all centered up and it doesn’t matter which corner is which as long as the orientation of the product spaces is the same as the jig template on the screen. I then place my text or designs or whatever on the screen in the same spaces I used to cut the jig. You can set the original lines to be a tool layer or turn output off, or whatever, but also lock them so they can’t be moved. All the lines are in the same place they were when you cut your jig, so will be in the same locations when you place artwork, etc.

I’ll also add that there is a video here on Jig creation that may help:


So I kinda get what your saying.

I set the boundary to the exact size of my galvo lens bed
175mm and within that created shapes using the array and centered the shapes within the boundary.

So after cutting shapes I had the shapes and boundary still on my computer…I switch to to galvo on lightburn centre the same shapes and box within the new work area.

I then go to preview and the shapes and box are flashing on my bed area I try to use this to line up the board I have cut and assume it must be easy but the shapes on board do not line up perfectly.

I thought for example if line up the bottom right and top left shapes that naturally the others would like up.

Am.i getting mixed up? I am using lightburn for both my CO2 and galvo.

So to clarify I am wanting to make a jig for galvo and I have lightburn for both CO2 and galvo and I cut my shapes board using my CO2 and then placed it on my galvo bed to line up the same shapes now using lightburn for galvo

You don’t have to set the boundary to the same size as the bed, but you certainly can if that makes it easier.

If you’re in preview and you redline one shape and get everything centered up, but the reset are all out of alignment, you have something wrong with the tuning on your galvo. As long as you’re moving everything as one whole shape, including the boundary, the shapes are where they are, and should all line up.

Okay thanks for that but what could be wrong? Maybe red dot alignment? Perhaps the C02 is not cutting the shapes correctly?

Honestly, it could be any of that. You’d need to do measurements and testing to figure it out for sure. Cut things a certain size with your co2 and measure them carefully to see if it’s cutting accurately. Burn objects a certain size on your fiber and measure them carefully. Burn a square and then turn red light preview on to see if it’s in the correct location. It can take time and patience to figure out what’s going on, but you’d need to be in front of your lasers to do testing. Nobody can really tell you what’s wrong based on your information.

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Varying the jig from one source to another will always make for discrepancies in your two types of laser. One is from a variable position directly 90 degree (CO2) the other (fibre) is a stationary position lens.
If possible you would want to create the jig on the same laser to ensure the same location on screen is matching the output. Remember even height will play a factor in a stationary lens setup as the beam will be arriving at the material face slightly out of place (not much but enough to drive me crazy)

To help you need to have a few registers that won’t change when you make your jig and then when you use it again over and over. Registers that will remain in place from the fibre lasers base and to the lens itself when switching between different materials / jigs.

If you do this the setup to produce another type of product will be quick and painless and work to stop waste and keep your flow efficient and high profit to time.

Within your file that you will use a non active layer to be a jigline and then align to them. If you have locked the jig and have good registers to repeat this from you won’t have issues may I suggest checking out this you tube video which talks about the registers and the making of your jig Making your first jig for your Fiber Laser - YouTube

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Thank you :+1::pray:

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