OMG, I am actually beginning to learn how to grab image from video, edit the image using Nodes

I needed the image in order to follow the tutorial. Image I grabbed, downloaded and traced:

Image now ready for following tutorial:

Thanks to everyone for taking time to respond to all my questions along the way; and for your patience!


Now you can start answering questions about node editing on the forum…


Can lightburn do node edits and deletes? I usually go into my vectric aspire and edit then export!

Disregard that. I never hovered over the icon to see the control menu options! lol still learning Lightburn

Yep… There’s a bunch of videos out there and it’s easy to pick up.


Yup for sure, i’ve learned alot about lightburn over the past month. Im a CNC guy getting into the laser world. LOL

Thank you for acknowledging, appreciating and supporting our efforts, @Lucie. :slight_smile:

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