OMTech 100w ruida - design is shifting FILL to the right it seems

Just wasted some expensive acrylic stock on this and not sure what’s going on. I’ve been making this city map for the past year - made dozens of them - but for acrylic, I wanted to FILL the water area, where I normally cut the water on wood. So, I set the water areas to fill instead of line. Lightburn will do the lines first, then fill in the water areas, set to fill. When I look at the finished job though, the water is completely moved to the right. This has happened 2 out of 2 times. Not sure what’s causing it.

I have FILL set to “fill groups together”.

I thought maybe the file was too big, so the 2nd time, I sent it to the controller and started it from there, instead of lightburn. Same issue.

Line speed is 250mm/s. Fill speed is 250mm/s. It’s a brand new 100w (about a month old), and haven’t seen any other issues with it yet. I figured maybe something could be slipping but haven’t had issues with other files so far.

Any ideas?

I assume the ‘river’ is on a different layer. That layer looks like it’s shifted.

If it’s not a problem, it’s always wise to drop the .lbrn2 (project) file here for others to examine.

You get your best feedback that way.

Is all of this done with scan type (fill) operations? That would be answered if the project file was here…

Good luck


Not sure of the origin is shifting or loosing steps. I would see what happens with a smaller sample of the image on wood for test. Change the order: line then fill or fill then line. Engrave lines then fill with different files by turning off layers.

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