OMTECH 30W Fiber Laser not Firing

Hello, I am new to the Galvo world. Today i attempted to get some practice in and i do not understand why my Laser will not fire. It will not mark any lettering for a test test run. I have attached a picture of my settings. I am running Window 10, i have an HP laptop. As you can tell i am a super noobie. Thank you in advance.

I can’t help but have been thinking of getting a omtech fibre laser. Hows is it going so far?
Can you recommend them?

I have the same laser, It works very well.
I have attached a copy of my settings that work, maybe that will help.

Actually this a copy of my settings, the earlier one was when i was doing some experimenting.
Yours looks a little different, I assume you loaded all the Lightburn EZCad drivers.