OMTech 50 watt fiber with chuck style rotary

Pls help! Bought the OMTech 50watt fiber laser, had to get them to send a new rotary and in the mean time had an order of 36 tumblers to whip up. Have everything set up now but my round logo is etching oval…

Oval shaped circles are a fairly clear indicator that you need to adjust your setup. You can test your setting using ‘Laser Tools → Rotary Setup’ and try the “test” button. This should rotate your rotary once forward and once backward exactly. If it doesn’t you have the wrong settings.

Work through this guide:

also I’d recommend putting some tape or similar on your tumbler until you have worked out your settings as not to waste your materials. It will need testing and correction.

You have said that you have a galvo setup, but have posted into GRBL configuration.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try

16794 is the closest I can seem to get it, but it is about 1/4" before a full rotation on my lines I put on the rotary and returns about a 1/2" passed my line. It is also different each time I run it

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