OmTech 60w Eye Protection

Very new to engraving and am trying to figure out what eye protection I need for an OmTech 60w. I’ve read through the forums on this topic and I see a lot of mixed responses. I am one who would definitely wear eye protection, but I am not certain what specs I need on the safety glasses and what color (if any) the lenses should be.
Thank you!

Eye protection needs to block the same frequency as the laser produces. If you wear glasses, they are usually polycarbonate as is the standard safety glasses at home depot. You can cut them, meaning they will work for safety glasses.

My door protections has been off, sice purchase. I spend lots of time in there ‘fiddling’, so the lid it up and the access panels are off. I wear my regular glasses. I have a pair of safety glasses on the shelf for visitors.

Understand the machine and how it works is the best safety tip.

There are a lot of videos around with safety tips. Take them all in and then apply some common sense to them and do what you are comfortable with.

I find Russ Sadler has some good videos. Here is a couple of them one on beam safety and the other on the honeycomb bed. You have to put up with some of Russ’s British humor, but his information is well worth it.

Take care, good luck…


I think it depends on if the machine is open (generally for calibration) or closed for cutting.
All machines have a fairly thick piece of plexiglass (not really sure what it is) that does a good job cutting down on the laser beam emissions. So you wouldn’t have to wear protective glasses.

When open and calibrating a small wattage beam is just passing from mirror to mirror. Unless its way off and the beam hits something and reflects into your eyes. I don’t know if regular glasses is enough so it might be good to wear protective glasses when open. Its also possible that your machine has interlocks preventing any firing while the machine is open.
I wouldn’t take a real cut with the machine open do to the reflection off the honeycomb and excessive amounts of smoke.

Also consider small kids in the area that can view the machine at a much different angle and even catch light thru some gap in the paneling. They won’t even have glasses, so that could be bad.

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