Omtech 70W Laser Burns outside area suddenly

I have a detailed 3d file I’m trying to engrave that is only 24"wx12".t My machine has a 30"x16" engraveable area. At first, I was getting an Overhooting error so I slowed it down. Now the file will load and the machine starts engraving. When the file is about 56% loaded the laser start engraving way outside the area and even hits the side of the machine making the motor grind. I have a Dell i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50 GH with 16gb ram. What causes this? Thanks!

A picture of the failed engraving using that design will be helpful to figure out what’s going wrong. Burning a piece of cardboard will suffice if you don’t have the original lying around.

Because Cut Selected Graphics is turned Off, it’s possible the design includes some “invisible” elements off to the sides causing more travel than you expect. Hit Ctrl A to select everything, then make sure only the rectangular picture is selected. To get rid of the extraneous junk, select just the picture, hit Ctrl Shift i to invert the selection, then hit Del to delete the junk.

Because 400 mm/s should be well within the machine’s specs, make sure the X axis doesn’t have any mechanical problems. Turn off the power and slowly push the laser head from far left to far right by hand, feeling for anything that isn’t nice and smooth. If you feel anything at all, fix it!

With that done, does it fail the same way at 200 mm/s, using minimum power on cardboard?

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