Omtech 80w laser won’t cut through acrylic

I have cut acrylic several times/ all of a sudden today it decides not to cut through. I attached a picture of my settings and what it does to the acrylic. I know it’s a simple setting that needs to be changed and or something I clicked off but I have no idea what it is. I even tried bumping up power all the way to 90 still same results won’t cut through( current settings have always been 10 speed/ power 45. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Need to complete a few projects tonight. Power went out a few days again and that’s when this started so I believe it’s a setting

Check the alignment along with the TEM resonance mode at the output of the tube.

  1. properly working tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

if you have these three, they work…

I’d start with the TEM mode check at m1 and continue… The output is showing what looks like an alignment issue. This can be a faulty tube mode.

Good luck


I just cleaned all lenses, they look like they have a haze to them still. I bumped power up to 65 and it seems to go through now. Is it the lenses but now I am a double cut again what would cause that.
How do I check that setting you mentioned.

Check TEM mode by making a light color dot at m1.

The idea is to see that the power distribution is highest in the center and gets lower as it goes outward… This is a Gaussian power distribution across the laser beam.

A burnt hole is not useful, darker in the center…


I get a burn through at first lens at power 10

Processing: image.jpg…

The following image didn’t upload… be patient and let it upload before continuing…

From what I can see of the output, you need a new tube :face_vomiting:



That ghosted output getting burned is almost assuredly misalignment of the mirrors or lens. I say this because I had that exact problem this week on my 40w. The mirror wasn’t aligned perfectly and the beam was clipping the edge of the nozzle where it exits downwards. After about 20 minutes of making minute adjustments I finally got it to quit ghosting.

I was also having issues cutting through plywood (even before the ghosting problem) and once I got my mirrors realigned I can now cut through it without problems.

I believe, this is common with tubes going out of TEM00 resonance mode…

The difference is, when out of TEM00 mode you can’t really align it properly…

When mine went out of resonance, there were anomalies with alignment I’d never seen before… I know this because I needed to use it and had already ordered a new tube.

Figured I couldn’t hurt the original anyway… learned a lot about how important the mode is…


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