OMtech 80w "need more overshooting or larger acceleration" issues

Hi All, I’m new to the laser scene, I’m having issues went I send a file to engrave, I have changed the speed and power down to 150mms and 30% power, I mored the work away from the edge of the bed, I’ve changed start posision but I’m still getting this issues.
Some files print straight away but others just won’t work due to this error.

Any help gratefully recieved.


I think I may have found the issue, the green square at the top left of the first image seems to be the laser start point, the text exceeds this point which causes my issues, how do I remove the green laser start point from this image and set it at start point 0 on the X axis ?

That’s where the object is and where the the machine starts things depending on how you have it set up in the Laser window and in the device settings.

Might want to post the .lbrn2 file for us to look at and maybe we can assist better. You can just drag and drop it on the reply window and it will be uploaded… :slight_smile:

Hopefully you went through the setup procedures with Lightburn and with Ruida controllers. You should also go over the Coordinate system and how it use.


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Hi Jack

Thanks for the reply, no matter where I put the image on the computer workbed it still starts at the very top left corner ?

This is the file I said about.
Wine fairy has been.lbrn2 (57.5 KB)

Update, I changed to current position and moved my work to the right and it seems to be working now, did a test board 10-100% power and 100-1000 mms and now get the extra travel the laser has to move when engraving at faster speed, thanks for your help.

No perspiration.

Don’t know what I did, but great :smile_cat:

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