OMTech - BJJCZ - Raycus 50W - Fiber Not Outputting

Disclaimer: this seems to be a hardware issue as behavior is identical with Lighburn and EZCAD2
I recently acquired an OMTech 50W Raycus machine with a seemingly genuine BJJCZ controller.
The machine connects. The galvo head is operational. The RED LED from the laser source functions (no way for me to toggle it, it’s always on). LED1 on the BJJCZ board lights up when outputting. But the fiber laser does not output.
Finally after ~30 minutes and power cycling a dozen times the laser came alive and starts outputting. The next day the same process would begin again.
The seller suggested a defective source and sent me a new Raycus unit but the same behavior continues. After a couple dozen outputs, power cycles, and reconnects the laser begins outputting.

I’m questioning my BJJCZ board and wiring now. I’ve got a new DB25 cable arriving tomorrow to replace the one connecting the controller and source as I tested intermittent continuity on pin 16 (LASTERST0 on the board). Regarding the 24V PSU the voltage tested nominal but I happen to have an identical Mean Well model so I’ll be swapping that too.

I will update tomorrow when the cable arrives. Open to any other suggestions.

You can now eliminate the source… seems that if it happens to either software package, you could probably eliminate that part of the equation.

Since your supply is reading OK, it pretty much says you have a cable or controller problem.

I suggest you do not swap out multiple parts at one time. Best is it works and you have no idea about what is good and what is broken. The other end is the worst outcome in that it doesn’t function at all or has other issues…

I would doubt a cable, since it works for so long then fails… cables that don’t move don’t break very often to give you an intermittent.

Mine is still covered by the warranty, so I don’t want to break the seal…

Good luck


Following up: the fiber laser has functioned normally now for 2 days; the laser functions without having to power cycle/reconnect/waiting.
I’ll update when I have the time to inspect and test the original source.

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