Omtech Camer Placement

I have a red Omtech CO2 machine. I’ve been trying to find a location to mount my Lightburn camera so it does not hit the laser head when it’s traveling across the front of the laser bed.

Any suggestions?



It’s a tight squeeze & a near miss tucked into the corner where the plastic lid bends downward:

A few more details on my blog:

Some folks have resorted to removing their camera’s mount and sticking it directly to the lid, perhaps conjuring something from laser-cut MDF & hot melt glue to angle it properly when the lid is open.

My camera I have placed at the top of the machine lid, it works very satisfying for me.
When the lid is in max open position, the camera is always in the same position, no recalibration for a long time.

I think I may drill a hole in the plastic window and mount the camera on the outside of the machine., of course I will have to shim to get the camera plumb.

As long as it can see the entire bed when the lid is up, the usual camera calibration will handle the fine tuning.

What’s absolutely critical is having the camera in the exact same position every time, so rigidity outweighs finicky adjustments. If my machine had a camera sticking out dead center in the front of the lid, it would be a perfect bump magnet. Maybe glue a (laser cut!) box around the poor thing?