Omtech's waste of components

Sorry, but I think it needs to be said if it hasn’t already, what is the point of Omtech installing useless junk that barely works other than to upsell their units!? I wish they would have an option to opt out of the underpowered chiller (pump)/exhaust fan/aquarium pump. Not to mention the lighting which I’m sure I will grow tired of. I have three perfectly good components that will now collect dust on a shelf somewhere. Instead they should have an option to keep those things back and give the savings to the customer and prevented us from having to unwire and disconnect everything.

I’m sure there are those that will say, well I use my exhaust fan (I’m not in my garage and I want to open the lid before a half an hour has past). Or I’m sure someone doesn’t really need to blow out their kerf or use their laser at anything that would heat up the laser tube, but lets be honest here, is this realistic at all? And like I said, offer both options for anyone that needs sub par components and has to learn the hard way. To my understanding, anyone that takes this serious seems to upgrade one if not all of these things eventually.

What a waste of materials and time.

Thank you I feel better for having shared this.

You paid for it … lol…

I understand completely and I understand how things are manufactured. They build these to make money, not for you and me…

It probably costs them more to do what you suggest than the way they are doing it.

How do you figure costs, if you don’t know how many of these ‘parts’ you are going to sell.

Separate runs of these may come from different factories. They don’t want a stack of useless parts they end up paying for. You have to track a single unit and ensure it’s got or hasn’t got some part, not to mention delivered to the right customer.

They sell you a working laser with air assist, pump a honeycomb bed, all of which I tossed into a box. But it’s what was promised.


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Its ok, let it out. We laser folks understand :smile:

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In the end, it always comes down to money… if they do it that way, it’s probably the lowest cost for them.

Such is life… :poop:


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Yeah we do the same thing at my day job, makes me sick there too. It’s the principle of the 80/20 rule, focus on what will make you the most money even if it’s wasteful. We’ve become such a throw away society.

Love the poop emoji :rofl:

Ever heard of W.Deming?

Take a few minutes…


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lol, Colin, just realized your pic goes great with my Company Image. Should get you to be our model…lol

Where do I send the invoice :laughing:

Of course, it is ecologically and economically insane to throw away all the useless accessories, but it has something to do with the mentality of the Chinese and their perception of us Western consumers. Everyone can see that it works. If no one wants to buy their products, even if they only cost half or even less than what “we” produce, the Chinese will change and adapt their products, that’s how it’s always been.
I fear more the day the Chinese start selling products they have developed and produced themselves in a quality that is just as we would like it and still at half the price. The day will come, they can if they want, just look where iPhones, Teslas, Mercedis…come from - already today.

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