I purchased a updated version df0812-40bn -k40+ from omtect order # 46306 placed on Feb 19,2024 and it arrived on March 7, 2024. We unpacked and setup with some minoe issues (mirror alignment). The problem we are having is all appears to be operating properly but when we send a file to burn it runs but does not fire. When we apply the test fire button it will burn as if the signal was send from lightburn. We installed all the software, first the one that came with it and then lightburn. We have 6 other laser units and purchased as a teaching tool. I am not sure if it’s a software problem or hardware problem as both appear to be operating but will noy allow us to send and burn. I would appreciate any assistance or advice on this

Thanks you

David Tringo

West Point crafts

Most likely you have set a speed that is greater than the maximum allowable speed set in your laser’s firmware, leading to power downscaling. Double check your speed setting, making sure to pay attention to units - a given value in mm/sec is much faster than the same value in mm/minute.

I tried and all seemed corect , it read from controller and are the same values you stated. I can hold down fire button while runni g file and it cuts but won[t otherwise
Thank you for your assistance

Please share an example .lbrn2 project file here so we can take a closer look at your settings.

Is this only Lightburn? Will other laser software drive the laser properly?

Unless you can drive this properly with some other software, like LaserGrbl, it’s a hardware issue.

Double check wiring…

The lps (laser power supply) has two major control lines and a protection circuit.

The protection circuit is the P input to the lps. If this is not held at ground level the lps will not fire.

Many times the test button is wired directly to the lps, so the controller isn’t involved in it actually lasing.

L input enables the laser. This must be held low to enable the laser… Sometimes this is wired to the system protect switches, in series, any one of them open will disable the laser.

IN tells the lps what the current level limit. These can be driven with the pwm by power control or have a manual pot to tell it the maximum current. There are other variations also.

Does any of this make sense?

Can use a volt/ohm meter?


yes, we a voltmeter, what needs to be checked and it is the same problem with

How do I share that info?

In LightBurn, with your project set up and ready to send to the laser, go to “File” > “Save” to save it in .lbrn2 format, then post it here using the upload button:
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 5.57.54 PM