On of my boxes . Many more to come

Tell me what y’all think


Looks awesome! What laser are you using?

looks good! Quick tip mask the wood to prevent the discoloring or sand the pieces afterwards for a clean look, then seal with poly :slight_smile:

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I think it looks fantastic!! If you have Facebook you join the “created with Lightburn” group and post it. I’m sure everyone will enjoy seeing your work! Jason

You can buy “transfer paper” from a Vinyl Cutter Supply store like Us Cutter. Basically really wide masking tape. Just make sure to get the paper version, not the plastic.

I sand to 220, apply the tape to the wood with a brayer roller (for spreading ink - get one from michaels/hobby lobby), and cut. I find removing the tape is kind of Zen…


It is a modded K40 blue box with a 50 watt tube and stock power supply. Running a minigrbl.

Great Boxes! Nice work.
Where can I get the files or do you share them?

I am masking the wood with Blue Tape.

If it is blue painters tape, R-tape is less expensive and comes in many different widths.

Nice work Richard.

Thats actually what I ordered. Should arrive just before Christmas.