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Im using the latest version of lightburn on a windows 10 laptop with only the mouse pad. I was doing some designing and suddenly caught something with the cursor and the work grid on my screen shrunk to like 1/3 the size it was. Im at a loss on how to get it back. Ive even reset lightburn to defaults and when i start livhtburn the grid is still small.

Push the Zoom to Page button on Toolbar or Window->Zoom to Page.

Ok zoom to page didnt work. I can just use the zoom button and get the grid back, but if i drop a project on the grid, with current position selected, my green square is way off the grid

I was just checking the hot-key sequence for zoom-all.

In LightBurn, when you hit Ctrl-Shift-A it zooms out to put all the shapes and graphics on the screen. You may have accidentally made some art outside the modelled work-space but that’s kind of a guess.

If that doesn’t turn up anything helpful you’re welcome to share your LightBurn file on the forum. If it’s private (and best not-shared) you’re welcome to e-mail it to Support in full confidence and I’ll take a look at it.

Zoom to page should work to show you the workspace area irrespective of any other elements on the screen. Is this how it’s behaving for you?

However, as John has indicated, if you have a extraneous object located at a far-off location then the green job origin indicator will include that extraneous object when using “Current Position” or “User origin” Start from modes.

Select all objects and then use Zoom to Selection to show you the entire area of objects. Then remove any extraneous objects or relocate them.

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Thanks guys. Yeah only thing i can figure is i have something the size of 1 pixel out of bounds. I cant see anything even zoomed in 20 times. Ill try one more time to select everything and see what happens. If nothing shows up, its select all and delete and start over. Luckily its not too big or detailed.

Try this:

  1. Select All
  2. Unselect the intentional portion of the design
  3. “Zoom to selection” to see what’s causing the issue and/or simply delete

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