Once again ITS ALL GONE!

Why the heck is lightburn gone now that I have rebooted my computer. Was working fine yesterday. Getting really tired of having to setup everything again. Its very frustrating!!!. and now I cant adjust my side menus to show the bed of the laser. When I drag them over out of the way they snap right back and you can no longer see the bed of the laser. This has got to stop. Hard to run a business this way. Please any explanation or help appreciated. Lighburn 1.4.01 and windows. Its not the PC because the rest of my cad software runs fine.

I have reinstated my preferences but still VERY frustrating as I lost some of my artwork as well. Why does this keep happening?
Nothing was wrong yesterday evening, now today when I open it acted like it was my first time using lightburn…GRRRRRR

If you can provide some details of your exact configuration it would help the support team diagnose any issues you may be experiencing. Perhaps filling in your profile to include your PC make and model and OS you are currently running. These details will help support and users in the forum to offer suggestions.

Scan for viruses? Malware?
From your statement of getting tired of setting it up again, I deduce this has happened before.
Has any other software disappeared?
Do you have the system restore running? If so, can you restore?

Working files are missing? No backups? Only LightBurn created files missing?

What OS are you using?

I assume you are using a current os, which you neglected to advise us about.

Lightburn gives you an error message if it fails a write operation to prevent that experience to not lose anything.

You should be able to go and see where the file was written with a file browser.

You have a unique indication that it’s a file protection issue. Lightburn writes it’s configuration files when you open it and create things…

It the os doesn’t allow it to write in that area, it will fail. When you start the software again, there is no indication that it found any of this information when you set up your machine.

Check and ensure it’s writing it’s hidden files…

This is what’s in the hidden directory.

jack@Kilo:~/.config/LightBurn$ ls -l
total 96
drwxrwxr-x 5 jack jack  4096 Jun 18 13:50 backup
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 44624 Sep  1 04:03 prefs.ini
-rw-rw-r-- 1 jack jack 44456 Aug 31 19:22 prefs.ini.old
drwxrwxr-x 2 jack jack  4096 Aug 11 12:19 presets


Current anf latest OS for Lightburn nothing else crashes, Solidworks, Fusion, Z Brush, Adobe, nothing, this only happens to Lightburn. I have windows 10 and have always had Norton AV monthly sub, the computer Im using has an i9 proccessor and 32 G of Ram. I do most everything on an external hardrive but I would like to not have to back up Lightburn every day. I use it 7 days a week.

You did not mention that Lightburn crashes… it should not crash.

Can you duplicate this?

Are you addressing Windows 10 as the current and latest os?

Didn’t know these drove a laser.

We can’t help you if you don’t help us help you.

Can you find any of the files on your machine like I asked?


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