One axis not burning enough or software problem?


I am using the Ortur Laser Master 2 (20w)

Just been doing some tests using card board and rectangle boxes.

1st: Line, 2nd: Fill + Line, 3rd: Fill
Then I noticed that on the first rectangle the sides have no burning (not sure if it is because my laser diode is a bar and not a dot.

I then tried to increase the power for the next test.
1200/27, 1200/24/, 1200/22

As you can see, the problem is still there, not sure if its an axis problem or just the way the laser diode cannot burn enough power going one direction?
Anyone know what the problem is and if I can change some settings using lightburn?

Thank you.

Kevis, it’s your diode laser that teases you. Either it is not focused enough or it is just not better as it is. This is a normal symptom of a diode laser. The laser beam is like an elongated square. Sometimes it is possible to compensate for this by turning the diode itself inside the laser head 45 degrees, so that the problem is not so obvious with straight geometric shapes.

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