One camera v.s. Two head laser table

Will it work as long as the camera is synced with one of the heads ? Or can two cameras be hooked up?

Thank you


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So i have a dual head machine and i’m running lightburn and a single camera. Im not sure i’m understanding what exactly you’re asking though. I calibrated my camera with just my laser head #1(im running a master/slave setup where head #2 does exactly what head #1 does) and so far so good. Are your laser heads operating independently or is it a setup like mine? What are you planning on using the camera feature for? Mainly monitoring the table, or?

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@Mrrick386 I am waiting for the 8MP camera to become available so I can purchase it.

We are expecting our 2 head 1600 x 1200 machine to arrive in the next 30-45 days. It has a Ruida 6445G.

The heads on our machine are very close together… does anyone else have a similar set up ? First head is 150W and Second head 80W a cutter and an engraver.

The reason I ask about camera positioning on our machine is due to the bed size and the “Siamese placement of the heads”

I read up on some 2 head challenges that @tovarna had with setting up 2 heads . I am just trying to educate myself with some of the experiences other members have had so if and/or I experience some challenges at least I can have a starting point to reverse engineer the process.

I want to use the camera to enhance my work flow process and to more accurately place our artwork on our desired materials with visual feedback Capture, Trace and digitize physical artwork into LightBurn . Glowforge is the MiddleSchool to Lightburn’s University.

Cheers and Thank You for your shared experience


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