One of the axis is thicker, everytime

Hi, I have the ATOMSTACK P7 M30 for a few days and i have issue that one of the axis is thicker and one is nice small with no burn around. This happens in LightBurn and LaserGRBR. In photos below squares are cut at the same speed with the same power.
Any ideas where might be the problem ?

This can happen on some diode machines, it’s typically either an ovalized focus lens or a misaligned diode (if the laser module has multiple diodes that are then combined to make a dot.)

Unfortunately, this is rarely user-serviceable, and can affect cutting ability on the wide axis. You may want to contact the vendor and see if they can warranty it for you.

Very possible… but it seems exaggerated to me… like the focus is off…

All of the lines seems rather large for a vector.


I’d check the alignment of the laser. I’d think an angle would be the only cause of this. Check the dimensions of the laser closely from each corner of the housing to the material. Also might be internal alignment on the laser itself. To me, this looks like there’s an angle on the X axis.

Laser “unit” seems to be angled alright, i guess its internal that something is wrong. Atomstack is from banggood and i dont think repair/replace will be easy deal. I guess if they will not take it back i will have to open the laser and see how it looks internaly myself. I was a repair technician so i might handle this :slight_smile:

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I have that same problem.

Your laser should look like this.

instead of this

My diode doesn’t do that. Odd.

Let me clarify, it doesn’t have a thicker line on one side than the other. I suspect the long range shape is the same. To me, it just looked like his diode was out of alignment. It should focus to a very small point where the out of round shape isn’t noticeable.

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