One program 2 computers

I’m using trial Lightburn right now, having ordered cohesion board with legal software from Cohesion. I like to design on my Main computer, a fast Dell with huge screen, in warm environment and by the coffee pot. My laser is in the garage shop…cooler, no coffee. Obviously I need the Lightburn to run on my laser machine to take advantage of the control abilities of Lightburn. I currently use Microsoft Visio or Inkscape to create the SVG, then send it to my laser computer to K40 Whisperer to do the actual work. This is messy and too many steps. IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE ONE LICENSE FOR TWO COMPUTERS? I’d like to desing on my Dell, then use shared folder to get the file over to my other computer with laser. One of my computer-clean apps gives me 3 “seats” for one license.

Standard LB license allows for installation onto 2 computers.

Your sharing method should work without fuss.

All explained here: How the LightBurn license works – LightBurn Software

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