Onefinity CNC G-Code

I have created a g-code file from Lightburn that moves the machine appropriately, but the laser never turns on. Most of the directions I am finding from Lightburn require a direct-connect to the machine through USB, and this is not possible with the Onefinity. Are any guides out there applicable?

What settings should I be looking for that might cause this?

Maybe I am experiencing a shipment issue. Anyone know how to “test fire” the laser manually or with a line in g-code so I can check and make sure the diode is getting power?

It really depends on which commands the Onefinity machine needs to manage the laser output. If you know what those are, I can tell you if there’s a LightBurn profile that will emit them.

I have the laser package from JTech Photonics. I will reach out to them.

To “test fire” the laser, use the manual switch in the front of the laser driver. The slide switch is in the front of the laser driver on the J-Tech unit. When pressed to the left towards the red reset button it will fire. Slide it back to turn off.

Just be cautious because it fires manually at 100% power.

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