Only burning half of image

until yesterday have been trying to burn an image on ceramic tile 4" x 4"
only burning half way have not had this problem until yesterday,

using Ortur laser master 2 (not pro)
Settings: 1000 speed 85% power grayscale

anyone else have this problem?

If you are on windows check in power settings - advanced and make sure usb sleep is disabled.
If not that then i cant help.

Thanks will check that

There is a section for Ortur lasers where @OrturTech is very good with issues related to that machine.

Maybe he will drop in on us… :slight_smile:


I am assuming by description you get an error in console and the machine halts job?

What output do you get in console above the “JOB halted” line?

Thanks… You’re supposed to be enjoying Thanksgiving…


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