Only cut what is selected

not sure if that is normal, or I just do something wrong or just did not set right in settings but -
When I do any project in Lightburn on my PC - the one in home, that is not connected to the laser, and I let say have loads of vectors on the main screen - that one with cross lines - and I choose one vector or one group of vectors, but not every each on screen, just one. Then I go for preview on screen how the result will look on laser, I got then every each vector on the preview screen, regardless if was selected or not. It is very very annoying. I am having trouble with it from time I bought the licence but had not have time and possibly just thought it must be like that so did not post any question. But when I take my project to my other pc where the laser is connected to and there I choose one vector or one layer, then this and only this one is on preview, then if needed if done with laser. It is right but very odd that home PC is not doing the same…

Can anyone help. Possibly silly question and very easy to sort but I do not know how and frankly saying I am stuck with it annoying feature.


Turn on “Cut Selected Graphics”


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