Only Filling When Flood Fill Enabled, Holes in Letters Disregarded

Good evening!

Been using Lightburn for a while. Not an expert but definitely not brand new. Running a Cohesion3D board on a k40 which is both mechanically and electrically sound.

  • I recently renewed my license and accordingly downloaded and installed 1.1.03.
  • Fill layers are not displaying on preview nor being output. Output is toggled on.
  • If I change the fill layer to flood fill, it renders in preview
  • The holes in letters (a, e in my case) are disregarded and the whole thing is filled.
  • The line cut does regard the letter holes

Thank you in advance for your help. I love Lightburn, and your tech support is awesome. If it’s not too much, please explain any lapses in insight or oversight I may have committed so that I can better understand the platform.

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I went to delete the font to see if creating the font in Lightburn (as opposed to Inkscape) made a difference. Found out that I had a duplicate layer in the same color I wasn’t aware of. All problems fixed.

Not an expert, but not a newbie :rofl:


Good catch! Glad you solved it.

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