Only partially connectivity to GRBL

I have a 3018 CNC with a “ANNOY TOOLS” Board and the offline controller. See picture

I connect it to a Ubuntu 20.04 machine.

  • The find my Laser function don’t return a result

  • I tried every available option with “GBRL” in the “Create Manually” menue

  • The behavior is always as followed

  • The console output is

    Waiting for connection…
    Waiting for connection…
    Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]

  • When I enter $ for help or every other command, I get no response

  • When I move the laser via the offline controller I get the output


Everything else like firing or moving the laser is not possible.

I figured it out. I simple had to disconnect the offline controller. The controller just “did not know who to talk to”. :grinning:


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