Opaque nontransparent,

Is there a way to make an object opaque (nontransparent),
what i want to do is take a object like a heart and attach it to another object but have the object i want opaque cover the background of the object in the background. weld kinda works but it changes the objects. i didnt want to go in and out of light burn to do it if i don’t have to.

Duplicate and hide the shape you want on top. Then select the 2 shapes, boolean difference, unhide the shape you hid.

Boolean diff. doesn’t do what i want.
I don’t see a “hide” but i should state that both object are different ones a tree branch the other a circle. i want the circle over the branch, but not i don’t want to see the part of the branch the circle covers. welding comes close, but doesn’t always leave the circle a complete circle, the circle will form into the branch not leaving it a complete circle. and i don’t want to see the branch behind the circle.

In the top right, there are check boxes by the layers that are for 'show’ing or not showing. When I say hide the layer, I mean unchecking the box. Here’s an example of me “occluding” the hexagon with a circle. Using the method I said above.

LightBurn works with the outlines of shapes - it’s not paint, so if what you are trying to do is put one shape in front of another, that simply won’t work without altering the design, or exporting it as an image from something that does work that way.

Found what i needed, in Corel draw besides the weld there is a trim feature and that worked perfectly.

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