Open Closed Shape

Ok, I know this is backwards from most requests along this line. But is it possible to “open” a closed shape? I have a circle but really only want an arc, it would be nice to be able to cut the closed path.

I have other ways of doing this, but thought maybe there was an option I was overlooking.


The only way I know of doing this, which I am sure you have considered is:

  1. Use edit nodes to break it apart
  2. Use the boolean tools
  3. Use cut shapes

There may well be other ways though

Fire up the Node Editor, hover over the arc you don’t want, tap D, and it’s gone!

Thanks, but that does not actually open the shape, it just removes a node.

Here is a circle with node editor and top node selected.

Result after deleting node.

Did you delete a node or the arc between two nodes?

Here’s what happens with a circle converted to a path, with one arc deleted:

Deleting the bottom node behaves as you showed:

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