Open multiple files?

Sveiki. Ar galima į programą iš darbalaukio įkelti vienu metu kelis failus? Ir jei taip, tai kaip tai padaryti. Ačiū.

Hello. Is it possible to upload multiple files to the program from the desktop at once? And if so, how to do it. Thank you

If you are trying to load multiple LightBurn project files (LBRN), you will need to load one, then import the rest, because the cut settings from the other files would likely conflict or overwrite the first one.

When you Import, you can import as many files as you like at once. Open will only let you open one file at a time.

Ačiū. Per Ctrl + C ir Ctrl + V viskas gavosi gerai. :blush:

Thank you. Everything went well with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

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