Open mutiple projects at the same time?

Is there a way to have two or more projects open simultaneously? I frequently work with two more projects open, dragging and dropping items back and forth between the two. That allows me to fine-tune pieces of my work and save smaller projects or pieces of a project in separate files. An example would be in one file, and I may be working on a small house while, in a separate project, I would be creating the windows.

Not in the traditional sense where one instance of LightBurn has multiple projects open.

However, you can have multiple instances of LightBurn open all with their own project.

More information here:
Menus - LightBurn Software Documentation

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Go it, thanks, that worked!

For others reading, it’s File > New Window.

Also you can open another LB window by Right clicking the LB icon on the computer task bar at the bottom of your screen…

That doesn’t seem to be an option on the Mac.

Opening multiple instances on Mac works differently. It can be accomplished but with a little fuss. Using the File menu is the most straightforward for most users.

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So, I found an option to assign Keyboard Hot Keys in LB.
Go to Hile > Hot Keys. I assigned CMD + SHFT + N to New Window and now I have a quick way of opening a new instance.

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