Open new project

This has probably been covered, but I couldn’t find it. How can I close current project, and open a new project? Now I can open another project and it will close the current one, but to start a new project I have to close Lightburn and then restart it. What am I missing?

Hello, Brian
On my LB screen I go up to the Menu>File>Open, or Menu>File>New. Is this what you are trying?

click the “new” icon in the main toolbar
example image

Thanks guys, as obvious as the nose on my face. Guess I am use to closing the project I have open before opening a new one. Still new to Lightburn.

You can also import graphics or other Lightburn project files.

If you open something, it’s assumed to be a new and different project.


You can also just open a new lightburn window and have multiple open… use “new window” instead of “new”

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