Open shapes skipped

Can anyone tell me how to fix this error message and make the lines in front and back of the name thicker?IMG_3827

When you use the “show me” button, those shapes which are open will be selected. One method of closing them is to use the Node tool to determine where the start node is located and determine the failure point. Filled/closed shapes cannot be three vectors going to a single point, but that’s only one error point. Shapes cannot be grouped when editing nodes and making the determination.

Occasionally you’ll have a segment that is duplicated and often difficult to see. Sometimes a segment will not properly snap to the adjacent segment necessary to close it. Manual re-positioning can be used to snap the points.

Give it a try and you may have success, or you may wish to post a follow-up question in this thread.

Another thing to consider is to attach your LBRN file for others to peruse for a solution.

gilbert5_backup.lbrn (3.7 KB)

Here is the file. I am new and still trying to figure it all out. I would really like the lines to be more like a ribbon but haven’t figured out if I can widen them. Any help would be appreciated.

you want to make the thin lines thick if i’m correct … you have to select the line and use the “Offset Shapes” tool. By adjusting the desired values. Then you can use the node editing tool and fix the shape. After that select everything and merge into one shape with the “Weld all selected shapes together”

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