OpenBuilds ACRO System limit switches?

I got my ACRO system up and running with my J tech laser and light burn software. I have the problem of my Laser hitting the cross bars or trying to go off the table. I currently have another cnc machine and it uses limit switches and sensors. how do you do that or set it up with the kit I got from J tech? pictures are very helpful. thanks for any advice.

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I got the following link from J Tech which has some info on limit switches. And the second link from LightBurn.—homing-cycle-boolean

Thanks for the help!

You can also manually home the machine and set bed size limits in the laser’s firmware, so the laser will report if a move goes outside it’s bounds. Idk if Lightburn has a manual home button, but you could setup a macro button to set the home position

so this might be my problem. I got the laser attachment hooked on the front of my machine and when I tell it to go home it trys to run into the cross brace. is it because the laser isn’t included in the system? I know a dumb question

I have simply added limit Switches to my acro System but im using a ramps 1.4

Ive desgined my own limit Switch mount for the frame. They are not finished yet.

Will share them as soon as they are Working

If the machine doesn’t have the ability to set off the limit switches without crushing the mounted laser, yes that would be an issue. :slight_smile: Can you post a picture?

Well in the install instructions they didn’t have the limit switches shown. my fault for not thinking of them. I did order three to install. think that is the problem?

ok dumb mistake. I found the limit switches that came with the system.