Opening a file that worked fine now can't center or alighn

Any idea why this would happen? Installing latest version now… See if it makes a difference.

You’re going to need to provide more detail - I have no idea what you mean here.

Usually I can select the layer and click center, which moves it dead center, now it’s greyed out…

You can’t select the layer, but you can select the art itself. Is that what you mean?

You might also be confusing the “Align Centers” tool with “Align to Page Center”:

“Align Centers” is the one on the left side of the image above, and it’s used to align the centers of multiple objects, so it would only be active if you select two or more items. Move to Page Center will work with anything selected, and you can also hit ‘P’ as a shortcut for it.

Thanks think that’s it. Did this change recently?

Was not a fan of moving away from fb groups. But now this is better with notifications turned on…

The “Align Centers” option was added relatively recently, but it uses a “bullseye” style circular cross-hair, so it’s visually different from the page center one.