Opening a material cut card file question

Hi there, I am still fairly new to the world of lasers but I am already on my third laser (coming soon). My question is is there a way to open a material test card and have it use the values on the card? I have values assigned to all my numbers at the bottom so when I recently opened a material test card for an Omtech Polar 350 I noticed the values did not seem correct. My new machine is scheduled to arrive this week so I was seeing what the differences were. I think I need to purchase a new license to use the machine but I am excited I can finally cut clear and mirrored acrylic.

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Who provided this test card to you? If it was set up properly, the different shapes should have power scaling applied to them.

The speeds are likely correct as well, but you have your units set to mm/min, and the grid is labeled in mm/sec. You can change the units LightBurn displays in your preferences (“File” > “Settings”).

One additional note: you never need to purchase a new LightBurn license. You can add support for additional device types to your existing key.

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Crisis averted! Once I changed the units/grids in my preferences the picture matched the card. Oh by the way the card was made provided by Omtech. I have downloaded all the suggested material (manual, test material card, etc) before my laser arrives. I try to read a little every day so I won’t be overwhelmed when it finally comes. I can see this is going to be another learning curve :). Thanks again for the help. I did not even notice that the speed was different on the card. I had misspoke on purchasing a new I meant upgrade as you also mentioned.

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