Opening files in adobe Bridge

Trying out actually using adobe Bridge and I can’t open .lbrn files. It just says “Windows cannot find ‘Files/LightBurn/LightBurn.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.”
-File explorer opens them fine as you’d expect.
-.lbrn isn’t in the list of file associations in Bridge preferences, and I can’t find a way to add it.
-.DXF files open lightburn from Bridge fine, so Bridge can open lightburn if it wants to.
-I even made the location ‘Files/LightBurn/’ and put lightburn.exe in it, didn’t work.
-‘Files/LightBurn/LightBurn.exe’ is clearly a curruption of ‘~/Program Files/Lightburn/LightBurn.exe’ but I don’t know what to do with that.
Any help would be great and I know nobody likes bridge, but I want to try take advantage of the way it treats the file system like a database.
On Windows 7, lateast version if bridge. This happened on previous versions of Bridge but I just gave up on it before.

-Tried going to regedit and adding LightBurn as the default application for .lbrn. No change.
-Went to control panel and made LightBurn the default program there. No change.
-In regedit, changed the default program for .lbrn to Illustrator. That changed how file explorer opens the file. But no change in bridge. Cheanged the setting back.
-Uninstalled/reinstalled LightBurn. No change.
-Uninstalled/reinstalled bridge. No change.

Is there anything I haven’t tried yet?

Sorry man. I don’t think too many people here use Bridge. (possibly none) I’d never heard of it until you asked this question.

I did not know this existed either, until you mentioned it.